D.i.t.c. - rare & unreleased

Its members have achieved substantial and consistent recognition in both underground rap circles, often collaborating with undiscovered talent and underground artists (Madlib produces the first track on .’s new album) alongside the most commercial of rappers (Puff Daddy and Nelly have both been featured on Fat Joe ‘s albums and Buckwild has produced for Jay-Z and Biggie Smalls )…

Lamont Coleman was born in Harlem neighborhood of the New York City borough of Manhattan on May 30, 1974, [1] he was the third and youngest child of Gilda Terry (d. 2008 [2] ) and Charles Davis. [3] His father left the family while Coleman was a child. [4] He has two siblings, Donald and Leroy Phinazee ( [2] ), who were the children of Gilda Terry and Mr. Phinazee. [3] Coleman received the nicknames "Little L" and " 'mont 'mont" as a child. [5] [6] At the age of 12, Coleman became a big hip hop fan and started freestyling against his own neighborhood. [3] [6] He founded a group called Three the Hard Way in 1990, but was quickly broken up due to a lack of enthusiasm. [7] It consisted of Coleman, a "Doc Reem", and a "Rodney". [8] No studio albums were released, and after Rodney left, the group was called Two Hard Motherfuckers. [8] Around this time, people started to call him "Big L". [3] In the summer of 1990, Coleman met Lord Finesse at an autograph session in a record shop on 125th Street. [9] [10] After he did a freestyle, Finesse and Coleman exchanged numbers. [10]

D.I.T.C. - Rare & Unreleased